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      HOMA AC Switches


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      HOMA AC Switches




      AC Switches

      HOMA AC switches are often used in applications where high currents under difficult switching circumstances have to be switched. Difficult circumstances are given i.e. in cases of low pure cosinus phi. These applications can be found in motors, inductive loads and capacitive loads. HOMA switches are worldwide known for switching of high currents.

      HOMA switches can switch currents of up to 50.000A.

      HOMA DC/AC Switches: Product Range

      Power contactors (on Load)

      DC-contactors up to a maximum of 12.000A / 3.000V

      Medium-frequency contactors up to a maximum of 12000A / 3.000V < 10 kHz

      Medium-frequency contactors up to a maximum of 24000A / 3.000V

      Capacitor contactors up to a maximum of 1.000A / 3.000V < 10kHz

      High current switches (off Load)

      Cut-off and changeover switches up to a maximum of 50.000A / 3.000V / 0-150kHz

      Air- and water-cooled commutators and pole-reversal contactor up to a maximum of 25.000A

      Command units to control recurring switching operations

      Contact installations for galvanic-technology in the form of air- and water-cooled prism or sliding contacts up to a maximum of 20.000A

      HOMA High Current Technology develops and manufactures AC and DC bar mounted contactors for motor starter applications, foundries and steel furnaces, solar and wind turbines, railway, battery test devices, ripple control systems, rolling mills and cranes since more than 60 years.

      HOMA is a system supplier for renowned manufacturers. Beside manufacturing contactors as a component, HOMA is capable to develop, manufacture and install turnkey solutions for complex requirements including supply of control cabinets and power electronics. HOMA DC Switches are used in the starter industry as Shorting Switches, Disconnectors.