Document Recovery

  • Spelling bounding tool that can retrieve any kind of word files like html, doc, txt, pdf etc
  • Innovative scan technology to identify the files based on its extension and recover documents deleted from Recycle Bin
  • Handy file recovery software that can be used by Windows and Mac users
  • Best tool which can even recover the headers and footers along with the document
  • Easy to use software which can be used without any technical skills to recover documents from flash drive.

Lost your valuable documents?

Document is the term that is generally used for the files created using a word processing. A document can refer to either information written on a paper or by software. Document files represents information in the form of text, graphic, pictures etc so that users find it easy to know what a document is actually describing about. Creating a word file one can communicate the information to others on a far distance. Today, the entire business field uses these documents as the form of sharing information for developing the business.

You can store simple information to crucial data in the form of text. Hence word documents play a very important part of people’s life. If such information is lost one can fall in a pathetic condition and if the file was a confidential one then it can lead to big loss in business. Hence, it is always important to maintain an extra copy of these files. But most of the times users fail to take up a backup and remain having none of the data. During such crucial times opt for Document file recovery software that is capable to restore documents in just a few minutes from your valuable time.

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What makes document loss from system?

  1. A special virus called macro virus can infect document files and cause its loss by destroying the files data content
  2. Document can be deleted unknowingly by users when they are performing a multitasking operation
  3. When you copy word document from one device to other an interruption in the copy process can cause its loss
  4. If you store document files on logically damaged tool one can lose that file since its unreliable
  5. Scanning a virus infected storage medium with antivirus software can cause deletion of files attached with an virus

Special features of Document recovery software:

  • Facilitates with a preview option by the use of which one using this software can view the data content prior to restoration
  • It’s a read only software which locates and finds the lost document file and helps you to restore documents on a location of your own choice
  • Capable of performing excel document recovery from internal hard drive and external devices like USB, flash memory cards, FireWire drives etc
  • Capable to restore documents of any type like Word file, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Ability to identify any type of video, audio, image, graphic files other than text files
  • One can toggle between Data view and File type view to have a look on the recovered files based on hierarchical structure and file type structure respectively
  • Supports 32 bit and 64 bit computers with a minimal space of 50 MB for storage and installation to perform document recovery on Mac and Windows latest version

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Recover Documents from Bad Hard Drive: Are you unable to access or read your important documents due to bad hard drive? If YES, then don't be panic because by using Document Recovery Software, you can easily recover documents from bad hard drive and then you will be able to read your important documents. To get more information about document recovery from bad hard drive, go to the following link:

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Recover Documents from Emptied Recycle Bin: The tool searches for deleted files in your computer where you can recover documents from emptied recycle bin. The tool has a wizard to guide you through the search process where you can limit your search based on location, file type, or name and then recover any documents. Documents like doc, docx, xls, xlsx,ppt, pptx, pst, rtf, sdw etc and many other documents can be recovered. For more info, check this page:

Recovering Documents after System Restore: All save and store their important data in the form of different documents. These documents can be deleted automatically, when a person is forced to use the system restore option. If this is the case make use of Document Recovery software and restore documents of different variants like .doc, docx, .html, .txt, .pdf, .xls and so on

Restore PowerPoint Document: There can be several scenarios when you lose your important PowerPoint documents that you need to present or submit on the very next day or you are working on a document and you were about to complete your PowerPoint document due to many reasons. This software hepls you to recover your PowerPoint document without causing any damage to the original document.

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Steps to be followed to perform document recovery:

Step 1: Download the tool to your PC and perform an installation. Launch the application and select “Recover Files” from first screen

Document Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” from the displayed second screen. On selecting it the software pop ups a screen to select the drive from which you lost the documents. Select the drive and click on “Next” option.

Document Recovery - Select Mode Screen

Step 3: One the next screen select the file type as document. When the scanning process completes, select and preview your file from the displayed list of recovered word files and restore it back to your system when you purchase the product.

Document Recovery - Preview Document Screen

Tips & suggestions:

  • Close all the active programs before you shutdown the system.
  • Never connect your external portable storage devices to unprotected system.
  • Always take take backup of your valuable files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users