Clean Temp Files On Windows 7

Temporary files are created on your computer while using any program on it. These files are saved in Temp folder of Windows 7. Temp files are deleted once the running program is closed. But sometimes if program doesn’t exit properly then the temp files related to it will not close. If programs are improperly closed many times without your notice then the temp files may pile up and consume more memory space. This decreases speed performance of your Windows 7 computer. You need to wait longer for any tasks to be performed on your computer.

Sometimes because of unwanted temp files your Windows 7 shows up unusual behavior and it may also crash. There may be many unused junk Temp files on your Windows 7. What can be done in such situations? Do not compromise with performance of your computer because of the useless temp files. Use a method for cleaning temp files and be free from the adverse effects of large number of temp files consuming memory on your computer.

There are built-in features on Windows 7 computer for clearing temp files. There are two methods for cleaning temporary files. Here is the detailed description of them.

  • Using Disk Cleanup: This method clears temporary files that are not modified in past 7 days. To perform Disk Cleanup follow simple procedure as below
    • Open Disk Cleanup, check ‘Temporary files’ and click on ‘OK’. Confirm the action by clicking on ‘Delete Files’ option
  • Clearing temp folder manually: This option provides you the privilege of clearing anything and everything. Go through the way to clear temporary files manually as given here.
    • Click on ‘Start’, type %temp% and press Enter. Generally Temp folder will be present at the location, “C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Temp”. Temp folder will open and you can delete any files by selecting them. Then close Temp folder once you are done with deletion process.

You can delete temporary files from Windows 7 using the above inbuilt methods. But you cannot be sure of deleting Temp files by yourself using these methods. In such circumstance, you can use Remo MORE software for performing Windows 7 temp file clean up.

Remo MORE for cleaning Windows 7 temp files:

Remo MORE software helps you clean temporary files on your Windows 7 PC. This application has the option to optimize your PC data by cleaning files permanently from storage memory. This is a free utility giving you lots of data optimizing options. You can be sure of your data being secure and not being exposed to anyone or any viruses as this software is free from any malware, viruses or spyware. In addition to junk temp files, you can even clean other unwanted files like, Document history list, Run history, Recycle Bin, Network credentials, Windows Clusters, etc. The wizard of the tool is simple to carry out any action. But still you can get technical assistance 24x7 if you are finding any difficulty to perform any functionality on Remo MORE.

Procedure to clean Windows 7 temp files:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on Windows 7 computer on which you want to clean temp files. Run the tool and select “Optimize” option to get screen as shown in Fig 1. Then select “Privacy Cleaner” from the screen.

Clean Windows 7 Temp Files - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2: You will get the next screen as shown in Fig 2. Select “Clean PC Junk” from the screen.

Clean Windows 7 Temp Files - Privacy Cleaner Options

Fig 2. Privacy Cleaner Options

Step 3: Check “Windows temp files” option and any other options if you want, as shown in Fig 3. Then click on “Scan” option. Software scans selected folders and displays number of files present in each folder. Then clean the temp files.

Clean Windows 7 Temp Files - Select Windows Temp Files Option

Fig 3. Select Windows Temp Files Option

Step 4: After cleaning, you will get the summary of clean process something like shown in Fig 4. Then click on “Finish” button to close the software screen.

Clean Windows 7 Temp Files - Summary

Fig 4. Summary