Mac Document Recovery

Macintosh is one of the newly introduced operating system that enhances the use of multiple development technologies like Cocoa, Java, UNIX and Carbon runtime environments etc. After releasing the first version Apple developed more versions of the same operating system adding many advanced features to it. Since 1984 this has been Apple’s primary operating system. The Mac App Store coming along with this operating system helps users to login and purchase third party tools for use on their system.

Similar to Windows luckily Microsoft Office is also supported on Mac operating system. Microsoft Office v. X is the first of Microsoft Office application released for Mac. It had the entire suite to create documents, excel sheets, power point documents etc. It helps you to create documents embedding text, graphics, images, tables etc. Referring to this document one can convey the business or personal information to others. Hence, a large number of Mac users make use of this application to create and share the information. Usually these created documents are saved on some storage device for reuse. While they are stored on these devices various accidents can occur which results on data loss. If you are a Mac user and lost a document from your system then opt of Mac document recovery software that can restore documents in a fast and effective manner.

Some events causing loss of documents on Mac operating system:

  1. Journal file error: Mac systems incorporate journaling by default which maintains transactions and changes made on file in a separate file called journal. In case if computer crashes or restart is needed, these files records the changes to the documents save them from being lost due to power surge or any other problems. It restores system to the same state as before restart. But if these journal files face any damage then it leads to loss of file from the Mac system.
  2. Catalog files damage: Mac volumes store their records in catalog files. They are structured in B tree format. To access any file the operating system as to traverse the whole structure. Sometimes if there are any issues in the nodes then the documents will not be accessible to users hence leading to loss of data.
  3. Performing restoration on operating system: Like Windows operating system, Mac supports to restore the system to any particular point of use. This is usually done by users when there is an abnormal behavior in the system. When you restore your system the documents created and saved after the restore date losses from the Macintosh system thus causing data loss. If you have lost your important documents by formatting then follow

As you think the above scenarios are not big issues since still the document recovery is possible. The data is still intact on drive and the software can easily find and restore this information. For more information on lost document recovery for Windows, you can visit here -

Mac document recovery is an eminent tool used to restore all the documents lost or deleted from your Macintosh computer. You can restore excel document, PDF document, text files, HTML files and all other popularly used files. This software can perform external and internal hard disk, flash cards and flash drive document recovery in ease. After completing the recovery users can view the recovered files data to check effectiveness.

Apart from recovering documents it enables you to identify and recover up to 300 file types. It allows you to retrieve documents deleted from recycle bin in case of accidental deletion. You can recover your documents in short time with a best result having Mac document recovery software. This software supports latest Mac versions like Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

This software can also be used to recover documents from various types of memory cards like SD card, CF card, MMC, Memory Stick, XD-Picture Card, etc. If you are looking for document recovery from SD card, then you can find additional information through this URL -

Steps to be followed to perform document recovery from Mac systems:

Step1: Click on the download link on this page and install the software on your Macintosh computer. Launch the application by selecting the Desktop icon. When the first screen is displayed select “Recover Files” option.

Document Recovery -  Mac Main Screen

Step2: The software navigates to the new screen having two options namely “Recover Deleted Files” and “Recover Lost Files”, select any one based on the factor that led to loss of document. On the next screen select the drive and click “Next”

Document Recovery - Select Logical Drive Screen

Step3: The tool starts scanning the drive and recovers all the document files from it and displays it to you. Select the required file and save it back after purchase.

Document Recovery - Mac Preview Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users